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TIG Talk with the Beckerman Sisters - Meghan Markle - The TIG archive - Meghan Maven

Tig Talk with The Beckerman Sisters

You see them coming from a mile away. They are the modernized realization of Rainbow Bright… times two.  I met the Beckerman Twins (Samantha Beckerman & Caillianne Beckerman) last year at a dinner hosted by The Coveteur (my friends and fashion savants) & The Outnet (where I buy fantastic finds, like this & this). Their eye for fashion is razor sharp, zeroing in on trends ahead of the curve, relishing both vibrant vintage finds and emerging designers with the same zest. I had a moment where I tried on a piece of clothing a few months ago (at 11am, at the Miu Miu store, in NY, with a shearling coat & a single espresso) and had that “ah-ha” moment.  So much so, I think I actually said “ah-haaaaa” in that long drawn out way like Oprah would say it. You know what I’m talkin’ about. It was then that I understood what people speak of — when you realize a piece of fabric acts not just as clothing, but as art — where it has the power to actually change your mood, to make you giggle, squeal, and twirl like a schoolgirl.  I imagine the Beckerman sisters must feel this everyday. When Toronto brings you months upon months of dreary weather, of walks with your dog where your hands freeze, where the wind cuts through your bones, and the skies hang like a dark canopy above your head, the Beckerman sisters are the sun.  (That is, if the sun wore vintage Chanel)

TIG Talk with the Beckerman Sisters by Meghan Markle | The TIG Archive | Meghan Maven