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Meghan Markle profile picture on social media

PETITION: Reactivate Meghan Markle’s Social Media Before It’s Too Late!

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UPDATE 2: The petition is now closed. We received a total of 4,927 signatures which was just 73 short of our goal of 5,000. I had initially set the goal to 1K but gladly had to increase it due to the influx of signatures from around the world. To name some of them: USA, UK, Cameroon, Brazil, Russia, Italy, Germany, Canada, Romania, France, Spain, Mexico, Austria, Colombia, Australia, Sweden, Portugal, Ireland, Turkey, Puerto Rico, Norway, Argentina, Bulgaria, Japan, Thailand, Jamaica, Denmark, Uruguay, Uganda, Kazakhstan, Costa Rica, Malaysia and Switzerland! I’m so grateful to everyone who took the time to sign and write their reason for doing so. Thank you! Here are some of the comments of support that we received:

Meghan is a good advocate for Gender Equality. — Dhairya Rathore

I loved her social media feed. I’ve been following her from the start and I loved that little window into her private life but, most of all, I loved how she was using her platform to send positive messages for both a better personal life and a better world. I love her and miss her dearly. — Sara Sata

Meghan is a intelligent, modern member of the royal family and should not be completely silenced like this. Of course, her posts would have to be closely monitored but hers is a voice young woman need to hear, especially with today’s climate! — Dee H.

We need more positive figures in social media! — Name not displayed

I missed them. Just loved all the articles she wrote. So, inspirational. Let’s keep her voice be heard….let her accts. continue. I totally agree that these will promote causes dear to her and the royals and will reach worldwide diverse audience. If other European royals i.e. Princesses Madeleine and Charlene can maintain such accts, why can’t the British royals do the same. — Name not displayed

Keep your positive & much needed voice heard. We support your integrity & intent. — Louise Harrison

Her social media was a source of daily upliftment. — Name not displayed

I think its unfair that she has to delete her social media in this 21st century techno world. I’m sure she enjoyed following her friends and interacting with the millions of people she inspired too. Its also not fair that a person we have supported so much throughout her career especially during suits is taken away from us. I’m pretty sure it was’t her choice per se, hence the royals should take other peoples suggestions in consideration too. — Samaha Levine

It’s important for us to hear a direct voice from someone who has been supporting so many amazing causes and has been a role model for so many girls. We respect the royal traditions but I’m sure they too value the importance of not taking someones role models away from them. — Sundas Rashid

The petitioner has a very good point. Social media can be a force for so much good. I would like to see a reconsideration and perhaps one social media site for charitable updates from Ms Markle (with comments being disabled of course). Seems a shame to have her withdraw so utterly. — Jane Key

I think she’s an inspiration and can use her accounts for good causes — Govind Arora

It would help her keep in touch with young girls and would be an invaluable mentoring tool — Andrea Williams

Meghan is a very positive and influential young Woman, she inspires and is a great role model for people of all ages especially young women. We need her positive voice in world that is filled with so much chaos and negativeness at this time. — Denese Carpenter

I think it would be a great way for Meghan to reach out to her community and help make a difference in people’s lives. Having a social media presence is important in this day and age. If the royal family truly wants to modernize- social media is akey component! — Rachel S

So that I can feel close to Meghan.. since she deleted her accounts, it feels like a part of her has died.. — Izabella Rodrigues

Meghan had a kind and inspirational platform. She should keep using it. — Name not displayed

It’s important for fans of the royals to be able to connect with them more, also Meghan’s Instagram was iconic and I loved scrolling through her feed — Name not displayed

Thank you again to everyone who signed and also to those of you who kindly helped spread the word. ♡ The February 9 deadline has now passed and sadly Meghan’s social media is still unavailable. We suspect the data has now been permanently deleted and our hopes of Meghan’s beautiful feeds returning are gone. Perhaps sometime in the future, as Duchess, Meghan will return to social media in a different capacity and with a fresh start but for now it’s farewell to our MM’s online presence. If you’re already missing her Instagram feed, you can check out our current Meghan Markle Instagram Archive – soon to be complete!

UPDATE: We are now at almost 5,000 signatures, wow! The petition has also been featured in the media:

Town & Country magazine published a supportive article suggesting that the Royal family would “be wise to change their minds” and let Meghan keep her accounts. Thank you, Caroline!

– The funny ladies of daytime talkshow The Real discussed the petition during their ‘Real Talk’ segment today (31 January). I’m not sure they were even shown the petition to read as there are quite a few inaccuracies in their discussion but fun to watch nonetheless.

On January 9, 2018, Meghan Markle deactivated all of her social media accounts, and with 3 million Instagram followers, 800,000 Facebook likes and 350,000 Twitter followers, left behind a lot of upset supporters.

We understand that Ms. Markle leaving social media is in line with her changing status, as she will soon become part of the British Royal family, however, we feel it is time to modernise the British monarchy and believe there is a way for royals to use social media in a more personal yet appropriate manner. Please let Ms. Markle keep the voice that inspired so many, by reactivating her social media accounts before 9 February, 2018, which is the 30-day mark when deactivated accounts are permanantely deleted.

Here’s why:

– It is not only a loss to Ms. Markle’s online following, but for Ms. Markle herself, who no longer has an independent platform to communicate things she cares about so passionately. Ms. Markle’s personal social media gives her the opportunity to promote charity work and important causes to a more diverse worldwide audience, as opposed to only royal watchers and royalists.

PETITION: Modernise the Monarchy — Reactivate Meghan Markle's Social Media Before It's Too Late!

– Ms. Markle’s social media posts were always positive, uplifting and enlightening. When used properly, social media is a powerful tool that can be used as a force for good.

– A royal poster is a great opportunity for the British Royal family to stay popular and relevant. There is a desire to see and hear more from inside the establishment in a more personal and authentic way. The Obama administration managed to strike a good balance while Barack was in Office: “One of the things he wanted to do was to open the White House, to pull the curtains back and show people how government works.” There is also a desire for a more relatable monarchy, and communication in a less corporate, more open and friendly manner. Transparency is paramount.

PETITION: Modernise the Monarchy — Reactivate Meghan Markle's Social Media Before It's Too Late!

– Other European Royal family members who use social media:

Princess Madeleine of Sweden
Princess Charlene
Princess Eugenie
Princess Beatrice
Princess Maria-Olympia
Crown Prince Hussein
Prince Hamdan Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum
Prince Mateen of Brunei

Tim Oakey of wearesocial.com makes excellent points in his recent article titled: “Why We Need Meghan Markle Back On Social,” saying: “It means younger generations of Britons are losing access to a potential role model, at a time we perhaps need one most. As we dangle precariously over the Brexit precipice, the UK could become a very inward-looking place. Our idea of what it is to be British is set to be challenged again, and with children and teens switching off traditional media and relying on social for answers, who would we want them to look up to? Meghan came with a promise of excitement, which has been snatched away from us to be amalgamated into the monotone, uniform royal brand, lacking in online individual characters, unable to say anything of note, or challenge the status quo in a progressive way.”

We urge all of Ms Markle’s supporters to sign this petition and help us to hopefully bring her back on social media. If not as an active user, at least for the purpose of not erasing the entire online presence that she so beautifully built over the years. Monitor and filter; but please do not silence her voice.

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